Planyo online reservation system snippet

About this snippet:

Planyo is a flexible online reservation system for any kind of resources such as hotels, holiday apartments, yacht rentals, driving schools, tennis courts, doctor appointments, events etc.

Planyo is available in 25 languages and helps you manage your clients' bookings by handling all email communication with the clients, allowing various booking confirmation mechanisms, handling payments (also online credit card payments), printing invoices etc.

This module embeds the reservation system (availability search box and the reservation form) into your site so the visitors can go through the whole process (search and reservation) without ever leaving your website. Before using this module you should create an account at Please see for more info. You can also see our home page at for admin backoffice or visitor demonstration, or for tutorial movies, pricing and more info.


Unzip the contents of the component into the assets/snippets/planyo subdirectory. Then, create a new snippet named planyo using contents found in snippet.src.php For demo purposes you may use the snippet without any parameters: ModX Evolution:

ModX Revolution:

Otherwise, as a minimum, the snippet requires your site ID (if you don't have one, create a new site at ModX Evolution:
[!planyo? &site=`11`!]

ModX Revolution:
[[!planyo? &site=`11`]]

Note: Use [[!planyo]] instead of [[planyo]] to disable caching (old evolution syntax: [!planyo!]). This is required when using the SEO-friendly mode (which is the default).





Parameter Description Default
&siteplanyo site IDdemo (= demo site)
&languagelanguage of the user interface; currently supported languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, PL, DK, FI, SE, IS, ROEN (= English)
&extra_search_fieldscomma-separated extra fields in the search boxnone
&sort_fieldscomma-separated sort fields; a single field will hide the sort dropdown box. Allowed values: name, price, prop_res_xxx (custom resource properties)none
&default_modeChoose the initial mode: 'search' to allow clients to search for available dates or 'resource_list' to display a list of all resources (in such case search must be initiated by embedding an extra search box -- see last step of integration in Planyo's admin panel), or 'upcoming_availability' to show a quick view of upcoming availability. Choosing 'empty' will not display anything by default but will require you to either pass the resource ID to the module as parameter in the URL (resource_id) or add an external search box or calendar previewresource_list
&resource_orderingSorting criterium for the listing of resources in the resource list view. This can be set to name (this is the default) which sorts by resource name, or one of prop_res_xxx (custom resource property defined in Planyo)name
&js_frameworkOne of: 'jquery', 'jquery-noinclude'; Specify if jQuery should be included by this plugin (use the value 'jquery') or if your website already includes jQuery (use the value 'jquery-noinclude')jquery
&seo_friendly'true' or 'false'; Choose whether the plugin in the resource list and resource details modes should be SEO friendly (information retrieved from the server when loading the page) or not (information retrieved using Javascript/AJAX). Choosing yes will add a slight delay to the loading time of the page but will let search engines index the resource names, descriptions and photos.true
&use_login'true' or 'false'; Choose whether the plugin should use the login information from this modx site. If used, the reservation form items will be automatically prefilled with known values and subsequent reservations will use previously entered data.false
&login_integration_codeIf integration with modx login is switched on, you'll need to enter the login integration code which you'll find in advanced integration settings in the Planyo backend.none
&attribute_stringOptional attribute string which can be used to add additional parameters to the planyo pluginnone