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If you don't yet offer online bookings for your business you're likely to be losing customers. Most people are now used to the convenience of quick online bookings and are much more likely to choose a business that offers this possibility (especially if making a reservation in a country that uses a different language). Having an online-based booking system also provides enormous advantages to the business owners -- Planyo will group in one place all bookings, the availability calendar, emails with the clients, financial reports, statistics, invoices etc. This becomes even more important if you have more than one person responsible for the bookings. Planyo is a solution that will fulfil all your booking needs in a single easy-to-use service.

Planyo is developed and maintained by Xtreeme Sagl. We are a Swiss company founded in 1997 and since then we have been continously creating high quality software and web services used, amongst others, by organizations such as the NASA, European Commission, ESA, US military, IBM, Intel, Microsoft.

Planyo is one of our latest projects, started in 2008 and developed from scratch, which makes the system very flexible. Our clients find that in virtually all cases our booking system can adapt to their needs whether they offer vacation property, hourly therapy appointments, or even reservations for very large passenger ships. If a client wishes, they may even translate the user interface to a language not yet present in Planyo (or use their own wording in either case).

As you can see here, Planyo is constantly being improved, mainly based on feedback from our clients. Our booking software is hosted on our dedicated servers in a high-performance cloud with daily off-site backups and real-time database replication to ensure security of the service and the data. Using a cloud-based solution means it's very easy for you to use and integrate Planyo with your website. There is nothing to install and the administrative panel uses a modern web interface, so it's a perfect solution for newbies or not technically-oriented people. Still, Planyo can be fully integrated with your site so that your clients never need to leave your website throughout the entire reservation process. The booking system then looks like an integral part of your site.

It's very easy to get started: all our paid accounts are free for the first month, without any risks or obligations, so you can thoroughly test the system.
Planyo site types
Below you'll find the three general site types supported by Planyo: Planyo PRO for a fully-featured online reservation system and META Site for large portals.

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Xtreeme Sagl
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Swiss company identification number: CH-670.4.001.381-2
Date of entry into the Swiss registry: 28.10.1997
Company is registered in the canton of Ticino, CEO Rafael Zwiegincew
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