FAQ Q114: Do my customers need to create an account to make a booking?

No, this is not necessary. Still, if they wish to book with you more than once, this can be useful so that they don't need to enter their personal data each time. Another advantage is that by creating an account, they can easily view or modify (if you want to allow this) all their existing reservations (note that this is also possible without creating an account).

When using simple integration (booking on planyo.com), the customers would create a planyo account. In order to add the login capability, go to Settings / Templates / Simple Integration Template (direct link) and add one of the available login/sign-up tags to your template. The easiest one would be $(login_links) which displays all the necessary login-related links (sign-up / login if not logged in, or my account and sign out if logged in). If you place it at the top of your page, this is all that is needed. Use the other tags in order to further customize the log-in/sign up section.

When using advanced integration (customers reserving on your website), you can in some cases (this depends on the CMS system you use) integrate planyo with your existing website login (see Q214 for the details and setup instructions). This way the customer's known personal information will be prefilled automatically for them whenever they make a new reservation.

If you want, you can also set up your resources to REQUIRE an account. This will only make it possible for customers with a login to make reservations with you. This can be configured in the reservation process settings of your resources.
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