FAQ Q119: What are resource vacations and how can I use them?

Resource vacations are a way to tell Planyo when a resource is available for reservations. The only difference is that Planyo uses an opposite approach -- instead of saying when the resources are available, Planyo assumes they always are and you need to specify vacations, that is, periods of unavailability.

Vacations are one-time or recurring periods when a resource may not be reserved (e.g. because of reparations/renovation, because of public holidays or because the owners go on vacation). You can enter vacations (one-time, or recurring weekly, monthly or yearly) in site settings / resource vacations.

Please note that administrators can still reserve during vacations. They will be, however, presented with a warning message and the reservation will be marked as conflicted. Of course normal users cannot reserve during vacations.

If you enter vacations for a period with existing reservations, you will see the list of reservations plus you will need to confirm if you still want to add the vacation, in which case all existing reservations affected will be marked as conflicted. See more about conflicts here.

If you'd like to often make manual updates to the availability for specific dates, you should go to Availability page. This will let you check and set availability on a calendar view for any given day / hour.

Another quick way to enter vacations visually is on the schedule page. Simply click and drag across the desired resource and time period and in the context menu choose 'block period'.

If you need a more flexible way of determining availability (e.g. specifically for given customer), you can see the unavailability message section in Q181.
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