FAQ Q129: How can I modify or cancel existing reservations?

You can do this on the reservation details page. You can open it by clicking on the desired reservation ID in any backend page, e.g. in reservations, schedule, reservation search or anywhere else you see a reservation ID with a link (also in emails sent to the administrators).

To modify the status of the reservation (e.g. confirm it) or cancel it, use one of the buttons below the reservation details. If you want to change the duration or start time, click the modifications button. Here you'll be able to reschedule the reservation. There's also a quick way to move a reservation to a different time or resource explained here.

Your customers will be also able to cancel reservations or modify them but only when you specifically allow this. Please see Q250 for the details. Q204 offers the explanation of the $(cancel_url), $(modify_url) and $(modify_reservation_data_url) tags which let the customers access special pages where they can cancel their reservation or modify the reservation details.

Please note that cancelling is often preferred to deleting a reservation because you'll have a record of the reservation. A cancelled reservation will not make the resource occupied, it will not be listed in reports or on the schedule calendar etc.
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