FAQ Q149: What's your refund policy?

All paid accounts are free to use for the first month. We never take your credit card and the trial is absolutely risk- and obligation-free.

Once the 30-day trial ends, you can pay us using PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or cryptocurrencies. We don't give refunds for these payments. However, your positive balance never expires so you can use it in any time in the future for subscription payments or other products (SMS packs, extensions). You can also transfer a positive balance to another Planyo site.

If you started a PayPal subscription and because of many months without reservations your balance starts growing large, you should cancel your subscription until it drops down to zero again (more here). The Worldpay subscription, unlike the Paypal one, will not charge a fixed amount every month but will always charge the amount necessary to keep the account active. It's therefore the preferred payment mode for subscriptions.
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