FAQ Q162: What kind of technical support do you offer?

We offer email support for all PRO / PRO-COMM clients. Our response time almost never exceeds 24h (except for weekends). For Planyo PRO and Planyo PRO COMM clients we also offer phone support, please contact us about this possibility by email first.

In case your site is used by multiple persons, the technical support questions should come from the main administrator only.

Note: our support includes help with technical problems you may encounter when configuring / integrating Planyo with your website (Planyo plugin not working etc) and also replies to your questions regarding the possibility to configure planyo according to your needs and also the instructions on how to proceed. The free support doesn't include configuration of a Planyo site based on your specifications or integration of planyo with your website. It also doesn't include the actual administration of your account (e.g. adding new resources, changing descriptions, uploading photos, changing pricing or availability etc.). These are tasks which also non-technical persons will be able to accomplish on their own. If you need complex help with the configuration or integration with your website including matching planyo's look and feel to your website's design, you will be able to find IT specialists familiar with Planyo at the Planyo Experts page.

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