FAQ Q164: How can I allow users to change the language of the reservation form when using advanced integration?

By default the reservation form contains a language selection drop-down so users can choose a language. If you already have language selection elsewhere on the webpage, you can remove this drop-down in the reservation templates (in site settings / templates). There are two versions of the dropdown language selection: $(language_choice) and $(language_choice_narrow) (see Q221 for more about these tags).

You can also pass the lang or planyo_lang parameter to the URL containing the planyo module or to the attribute string. The value is a two-letter language code, e.g. EN, DE, FR, IT, ES (upper or lower case works fine). If you don't pass the language parameter, the default language specified in the settings of the planyo module will be used. Please note that some versions of the planyo module can detect the current language, whenever the CMS makes it possible for the module to get this information.
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