FAQ Q170: How can I enter a booking in the name of a client?

If logged in as the administrator / moderator, you'll find the Make reservation button in the top-right corner of every Planyo page. As the administrator, you won't have to fill out the required fields such as email address etc. You can also immediately mark the reservation as confirmed and decide whether you want any emails to be sent to the customer or not.

Please note that if you don't know or want to enter ANY details (such as name) it may be better to simply mark the period as vacation. This will also make the resource unavailable for reservations in the given period (vacations can also be labeled, e.g. 'reserved for family').

In any case you cannot use your own email address for reservations of your customers. You should leave the email address empty if it's unknown. An exception would be the following workaround -- you can use a unique email address (which physically is linked to your email account) using the plus character (+) suffix -- accepted by most email providers such as gmail, microsoft etc. -- in form of: yourusername+suffix@youremailproviderdomain.com where suffix would be a unique suffix for given customer.
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