FAQ Q180: Can I decide which administrative functions my resource administrators or moderators can access?

Yes, you can do this in Resource admin and moderator access permissions. You'll find this page in the site settings. Please note that by default both resource admins and moderators have access to all administrative functions (in case of resource admins, always in the context of the administered resources and not any others). You need to specifically disable permissions on this page in order to limit their access. Planyo lets you create default permissions separately for resource admins and for moderators. Note that you can also customize access permissions for each individual resource admin or moderator. If you do this, their customized permissions will override the general permissions you set for their user role.

Data export (iCal)Access to the page allowing the user to get the url of an iCal feed of the reservations. The iCal feed can include personal details of reservations
Banned & pre-approved usersAbility to mark users as 'banned' or 'pre-approved' (meaning that given user's reservations will be always automatically confirmed without the need to go through standard confirmation procedure, e.g. online payment etc.)
Resource settings - EditAccess to edit any settings of a resource (but no access to delete a resource)
Resource settingsAccess to the page showing settings of resources (no access to edit resource settings)
Upload imagesAbility to upload images for a resource, site or product and to remove/modify existing images
Resource vacationsAbility to access the 'resource vacations' page where vacations can be added/removed/modified as well as the 'Waiting list vacation placeholders' page (if your site uses waiting lists).
Reservation form layoutAbility to add/remove/modify reservation form items
Publish/UnpublishAbility to publish/unpublish resources
Seasonal settingsAccess to the 'Seasonal settings' page
Pricing managerAbility to access the 'Pricing manager' page which allows viewing or modifying resource pricing
Availability calendarAbility to access the 'Availability' page which makes it possible to view or edit availability of a resource for any time unit
Delete this resourceAbility to permanently delete a resource (deletion of a resource will also delete all existing reservations for given resource)
Access to reservations of packages which include an administered resource[Resource admin role only] Allows a resource admin to view/edit reservations which include an administered resource inside the contents of the reserved package
Add new resourceAbility to add new resources to the site
Users created by admin / Users with reservationsAccess to the 'Customer list' pages (including importing of users from CSV or manually adding new users
Edit customer dataAbility to modify personal data of existing customers
Delete customerAbility to permanently delete a customer from the database. If they have existing reservations, they will be kept in the system but with no information about the customer.
ModificationsAbility to modify reservation dates or details (via the modifications, bulk edit or schedule pages)
Update reservation statusAccess to the buttons on the reservation details page which allow changing the status of a reservation (e.g. confirming / marking as reserved / removing confirmed status etc - except cancellations) as well as possibility to set the status on the reservation and modification pages
Cancel reservationsAbility to cancel existing reservations
Set 'Private admin notes'Ability to view/edit private admin notes
Change priceAbility to change the price of an existing reservation
Add paymentAbility to add payments to a reservation (including offline payments)
ReportsAccess to the 'Reports' page (to view or edit reports)
Create/edit/remove reportsAbility to edit/add/remove reports
Add custom productAbility to add custom products to a reservation
PackagesAccess to the 'Packages' and 'Bundles' pages
AgentsAccess to the 'Agents' page allowing the user to view/edit agents
Create/edit/remove couponsAccess to the 'Coupons' page allowing viewing/editing of available coupons
VouchersAccess to the 'Vouchers' page allowing viewing/editing of available vouchers
Make reservationAbility to create reservations in the backend
Reserve without constraints of customersAbility to enter reservations in the backend ignoring constraints set in resource settings such as 'min time between reservation and rental' or leaving as empty required form items.
Access to all customers of the site[Resource admin role only] If you select this permission, the resource admin will get access to all customers of a site, including customers who reserved resources not administered by given resource admin
Notification settings[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Email / SMS notifications' page
Customized translation[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Customized translations' page
Notification settings[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Email / SMS notifications' page
Custom resource properties[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Custom resource properties' page
Notification settings[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Email / SMS notifications' page
Integrate with my website & Templates[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Integrate with my website', 'CSS style editor' and 'Templates' pages
Notification settings[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Email / SMS notifications' page
Custom user properties[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Custom user properties' page
Settings - Edit[Moderator role only] Ability to modify the settings of the site
Additional products[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Additional products' page
Add new product[Moderator role only] Ability to add new additional poroducts
Invoice settings[Moderator role only] Ability to modify invoice settings
My account / Subscription[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Subscription' page
Notification callbacks (webhooks)[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Notification callbacks (webhooks)' page
Color labels[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Color labels' and 'Color manager' pages
Show me the reservations[Moderator role only] Ability to view existing reservations. Removing this permission will also make it impossible to view any listing of reservations or perform a reservation search
Planyo store extensions[Moderator role only] Access to the 'Integrations' page
Extensions - Add[Moderator role only] Ability to add extensions to the planyo site
Manage resource admins[Moderator role only] Ability to set resource admins
Note: If you want to highly limit the access of your users (e.g. so they can only view the schedule but perhaps without the customer's email address), then you can create a customized iCal feed which will export the selected or all resources. You can then import the feed into a calendar such as Apple iCalendar, Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar, or if you'd like to present this in a nice schedule view on a webpage, you can use our free service planyo.net.

Of course you can also have planyo send customized notifications to your employees so they can be updated when an important event happens. You can use the BCC field if these users have no administrative role such as resource admin or moderator.
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