FAQ Q183: I'm not using optional or obligatory payment approval modes but I'd still like to let my clients pay online if they wish.

Yes, you can do this. It's especially useful when you're using automatic confirmations and you want to give clients a choice of pre-payment (e.g. if someone wants to purchase your service as a gift). This way you can take advantage of a number of features of planyo which track PayPal payments. This way in reservation details you will always see if there is a payment associated with the reservation. Also, if you use Planyo to create invoices, the amount paid/owed will be properly displayed.

You have two choices (you can use both methods).

1. You can edit an email notification sent to the user upon reservation with the $(payment_form_url) tag in the email body. This tag will be replaced with a link to a payment page on your own website (when advanced integration is used) or on planyo.com (in case of simple integration).

2. You can also change the reservation completed template (in settings/templates) so it displays the payment form even though the reservation is confirmed. You should use the $(payment_form:$(amount_outstanding)) tag - it will be replaced by planyo with the code for the payment button.
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