FAQ Q186: Can I change the minimum or maximum rental duration based on the season?

Yes, you can do this in Seasonal settings.

You can set your seasonal settings once for all resources or you can set them for each resource separately. In case the same period is entered specifically for a resource and for the whole site, it's the settings for the resource which take precedence.

If you don't have any seasons but you need to change time restrictions, e.g. set specific arrival/departure weekdays or override the minimum rental time, then you can simply define a single season for the entire year: January 1 - December 31.

Each season can optionally include a name. This name is for your reference (e.g. high season / low season etc.) and multiple periods can be entered with the same name, for example all periods of the low season (e.g. spring and autumn). Another way to use this name is by creating a season-based rule in pricing manager. This way you can have one rule for multiple periods (all of them which use the same season name).

Please note that the system will not let you enter the same period twice. If you want to have different season names for different arrival weekdays or lengths of stay, you should set your pricing which depends on these criteria as pricing manager rules. Please see Q181 for detailed info about pricing manager.
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