FAQ Q187: I would like my clients to be able to reserve comfortably using mobile devices.

Both standard and advanced integration allow clients to go through the entire reservation process (availability search, resource choice, reservation form, email confirmation etc.) using a special web app for mobile devices such as iPhone / Android.

Both standard and advanced integration (Planyo embedded on your website) will check if the visitor is using a mobile device. If so, a special mobile version is displayed instead of the standard web page. In case of advanced integration, you can disable automatic detection and have a link placed at the bottom of each page which mobile users can click to switch to the mobile version.

You can check out our demos to see how this will work with a mobile device.

If you want to customize your mobile web app, you can do so by editing the stylesheet here

Please see the FAQ question Q210 for a more detailed description of mobile UI and the description of our frontend apps for iPhone / Android.
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