FAQ Q190: How can I use vouchers / promotion codes with Planyo?

In site settings / vouchers you can define personalized discounts (vouchers) which, when entered on the reservation form, will be applied automatically to the price visible on the reservation form. Note that this price doesn't include additional products which may be also added on the subsequent reservation page.

The vouchers can be single-use or you can also specify any other number of reservations for which the voucher will be valid. Each voucher also specifies the resources that can be used with it as well as the start/end validity date, voucher code (any text containing only letters or numbers) and the discount to be applied. The discount can be in form of percent (e.g. 20%) or a fixed discount, e.g. 10.00 (meaning 10 USD or EUR etc.).

You can define multiple vouchers on the settings / vouchers page. If they are not marked as non-combinable, customers can enter more than one voucher in a single reservation. On the other hand, a non-combinable voucher cannot be combined with any other vouchers. Also, one voucher can be used only once in a single reservation.

Whenever you add a voucher, the system checks if your reservation form contains the field called voucher. If it doesn't, the field is added automatically for you. You may go to the reservation form layout page to customize this field (move it elsewhere on the form or change the help text etc.)

You can always go back to settings / vouchers to check how many vouchers of each kind have already been used up.

Planyo also has another feature, also covering the area of vouchers, called coupons. See Q245 for more info about the differences between the two features.
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