FAQ Q218: How do I setup my MultiSafepay account to accept payments for the reservations?

First of all you must register planyo inside your MultiSafepay account. When logged in, go to Settings / Sites and add the new site. You should set all options according to your model, the base URL should be the URL of your website. The only setting you need to change specifically for planyo is Notification URL. You must set this to http://www.planyo.com/payment-multisafepay-ipn.php in order for planyo to know about the status of transactions.

When your new MultiSafepay site is registered, you'll see it gets a Site ID and Site Security Code. You'll need to enter these two along with the MultiSafepay account ID (separated by slashes) in your site settings. E.g. for account ID 123456, Site ID 789 and Site Security code 112233 enter these as 123456/789/112233.
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