FAQ Q224: Does planyo work with agents and can it calculate their commissions?

Yes, as a site administrator you can add agent accounts for external agents who can enter reservations in the name of their customers. You can also optionally enter their agent commission rate (as a percentage or fixed amount), for all or just selected resources, and planyo will calculate/report commissions for all reservations entered by your agents. Alternatively, instead of having Planyo keep track of the commissions, you can specify a discount which should be applied to agent-entered reservations. In this case, the agent must pay for the reservations they enter immediately with a credit card and the discount is applied to the final price.
br/>A reservation is attributed to an agent also in case the reservation is made using the email address of the agent. The administrators also have a possibility to assign given reservation to any agent on the reservation details page.

The agents don't have access to any administrative functions but they do have access to the details of the reservations they enter, also at a later time. The email verification is also not performed for reservations entered by agents (just like for admin-entered bookings).

To add agents to your planyo site go to site settings / add+remove agents. If the agents don't have an existing planyo account, one will be created for them and an email sent to them with the login information.

Note that in Site settings / add+remove agents for any existing agent the administrators can also specify custom commissions or discounts for specific resources, or, by entering a dash (-) for given resource's commission/discount you can prevent given agent from being able to access the resource.

Agents can be optionally grouped in organizations. If you assign the same organization name to a group of agents, they will all have access to details of reservations entered by other agents from the same organization. Another option you have is to specify agents who can create new agent accounts without the need to ask the site admin to add new agents. This is useful for big organizations who have many employees. Such agents added by another agent will have the same commission rate and organization name as the agent who created their account.
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