FAQ Q229: What can I enter into the clever search?

The clever search is the search box displayed on every page on the planyo website, in the top-right corner.

You can enter a number of queries into the search:

Query syntaxSample queryDescription
HelpShows this FAQ question
RxxxR1000Goes to the details page of given reservation ID
QxxxQ204Goes to the given FAQ question
date2013-01-01Goes to the schedule view for given date
weekday, last weekday, this weekday, next weekdayThursday, last Monday, next TuesdayGoes to the schedule view for given day. You can use the weekday alone or the words next, last, this and weekday name.
month, month year, last month, this month, next monthApril, April 2013, last January, this April, next AugustGoes to the schedule view for given month. You can use the month alone, month and year or the words next, last, this and month name.
res monthres April, res April 2013, res last January, res this AprilSimilar to the query type above, instead of going to the schedule view for given month, it shows all reservations starting on given month.
from-date - to-date, from-date to to-date2013-01-01 - 2013-03-31 or 2013-01-01 to 2013-03-31Shows all reservations starting between the dates given.
av date, av weekday, av monthav 2013-01-01, av DecemberGoes to the availability page for given date, weekday or month. The availability page lets you check and update availability of your resources on a day/month calendar.
documentation queryadvanced integration, pricing managerPerforms a search in the planyo documentation.
configuration querycss, colors, pricingPerforms a search in the configuration pages. You can quickly navigate to such page returned in the results in the Configuration section.
customer name, resource name, Ucustomer's user ID, customer's email address, customer's phone/mobile numberJohn Doe, Room 101, U100, address@planyo.com Performs the administrative search, same as the search in the reservations tab, so you can quickly find all reservations for given resource or customer. In case of phone numbers you must prefix the country code with 2 zeros, e.g. 0015556667777 for a US/Canada number (country prefix 1) and phone number 555-666-7777
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