FAQ Q234: How can I change the currency of my planyo site or of a single resource?

In Site Settings / Regional Settings you can change the currency of your planyo site. The default is Euro EUR but you can change to any other currency (e.g. Pound Sterling GBP, US Dollar USD etc.). You can also change other country-specific settings here such as the date and time format, first day of the week etc.

It's also possible to use multiple currencies in a single planyo site. In order to do this, go to Site Settings / Active features and set the option "Allow resources to use different currencies". With this option you can pick different currencies for different resources. Particularly, when using packages, this allows you to offer the same physical resource in two currencies: simply create a package which includes the physical resource and set this package's currency to the alternative one. Planyo will then make sure the physical resource is not overbooked and the customers can reserve either version of the resource, priced in one or the other currency.
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