FAQ Q246: Do you offer a white-label version of the planyo reservation system?

First of all, it's worth to mention that the default version of Planyo comes close to a white-labeled solution:


The front-end never shows the name Planyo to the end customers: the advanced integration embeds all content of the booking process into the DOM of your webpage, we don't use iframes or pop-ups; you can remove the 'powered by planyo' using a single option; you can fully customize all pages and email notifications using templates and your own CSS styles; the emails can be sent by your own mail server. In other words, the end customer will not know they're using planyo.


By default the administrators go to planyo.com in order to administer the planyo site. However, you can use this extension in order to embed the backend of planyo into your own website. This extension will even integrate with the login system used by your website and allows you to use your own CSS to change the look&feel of the backend. The backend integration does use an iframe but there will be no extra scrollbars as the integration code will automatically update the iframe's height based on its content. Of course the logo shown in the top-left corner can be yours (with a little grey powered by planyo image).

Full white-label solution using your own domain name

For big projects you may want to have a white-labeled version of planyo running on your domain name. We only recommend this solution for large projects as the initial and maintenance costs are much higher than those of planyo.com. Please contact us if you're interested in this solution.

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