FAQ Q249: How do I setup my Montrada account to accept payments for the reservations?

For general information about accepting payments in Planyo see Q121: I'd like to accept credit card payments for the reservations.

First of all, to accept payments through your Montrada account, you need to select Montrada in the Payment processing site option on the site settings page.

In order to submit the payment form, Montrada requires the data to be encrypted with your account's form service secret. You also need to specify the Merchant ID identifying your account. You can find both values on your Montrada account under the Data for form service section.

You can type the two values in the Merchant ID and Secret fields below the Payment processing site option. For example:

    Merchant ID: 2345678923
    Secret: 5Hv...........fd556
In order to process Montrada payments, Planyo needs to receive notifications sent by Montrada after a successful payment operation. Unfortunately, Montrada can send this kind of notification only to merchant's shop-url specified in your account settings under the Data for form service section.

In order to forward the notification to Planyo, you need to place a special proxy script (montrada-notification-proxy.php) in the main HTTP folder of your web site (for example, http://www.foo.com/montrada-notification-proxy.php). The script will simply get the data passed by Montrada and send it farther to Planyo.

You can download the script here. Simply download the file, unpack it and place in the main HTTP folder of your web site.

NOTE: in order to always receive Montrada payment notifications (e.g. when customer after a successful payment closes the payment page without returning to your web site), you need to turn on Notification Service for your Montrada account. You can do this by sending an email to Montrada support. The notification-url that you should send them is the same as the proxy script above, so: <SHOP-URL>/montrada-notification-proxy.php (for example, http://www.foo.com/montrada-notification-proxy.php). You can find your shop url on the Stammdaten page of your Montrada account.
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