FAQ Q270: How can I send price quotations to my customers?

There are two ways to create price quotations:

1. The quotation maker extension. This extension is useful if you want to include different resources in your offer. The offer will be a nicely formatted PDF including photos and a price total. The PDF can then be sent to your customer by email.

The extension finds available resources for the desired time period. You can then customize the results found by including/excluding resources, changing the default price and adding personal notes. Each quotation is stored so that when they decide on a resource, you can easily upgrade such quotation to a reservation. The quotation can also include reservation links which the customer can use to make a reservation on their own.
Note: planyo will not block any resources when using this extension to make a quotation. See the second possibility below if this is needed.

2. Price quotations for specific dates and resource can be entered by the administrator by marking a reservation as a quotation on the reservation form. Such reservations carry the 'not completed' status which means that the resource is not considered as reserved. One exception is when in Site Settings / Active Features / Creating a quotation blocks availability for X days you selected a time period during which resources from quotations will be blocked and not available for other customers. If the quotation is not upgraded to a reservation until this time is up, the resource will automatically become available for other customers. Quotations can be upgraded to a reservations either by the administrator or by the customer making an online payment.

Note that in notification settings there's a special event Price quotations which you can use to have Planyo send an email to the customer whenever a price quotation is created by an administrator.

If the reservation process requires that the customer must agree to the conditions, then you can use the tags $(agree_url) or $(agree_and_pay_url) (to combine the agreement with an online payment) in the email sent to the customer. See Q204 for the details of these and other related tags.

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