FAQ Q297: How to setup my Datatrans account to accept payments for the reservations?

For general information about accepting payments in Planyo see Q121: I'd like to accept credit card payments for the reservations.

In order to accept payments through your Datatrans account, you need to select the value Datatrans in the Payment processing site option in Settings / Online payments. Additionally, in the Datatrans merchant ID/sign value field you need to enter your merchant ID and security sign value separated by a slash.

You can find the values in your Datatrans administration panel at payment.datatrans.biz (or pilot.datatrans.biz in case of a test account). Merchant ID can be found at UPP Administration / UPP Data. In order to get the sign value, go to UPP Administration / Security. On the page, choose An additional Merchant-IDentification will be send with payment messages and click Generate new sign if no value is generated yet. Note that anytime you generate a new value in this field, you need to re-enter it in Planyo so always the latest security value is used.

Example value entered in Planyo for production account would be e.g.: 11033004629/90996365746580015

If you would like to rather use the test mode of Datatrans, add another slash at the end and the word TEST:

Example value for test transactions: 11033004629/90996365746580015/TEST

Additionally, you need to set up 'Post URL' in your Datatrans panel. This is necessary for Planyo to receive notifications from Datatrans about transaction status. Go to UPP Administration / UPP Data and in URL Post enter https://www.planyo.com/payment-datatrans-ipn.php. Also, make sure that Data in HTML FORM is selected in the URL Post data format field.
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