FAQ Q303: How do I setup my WorldPay Online account to accept payments for the reservations?

For general information about accepting payments in planyo see Q121: I'd like to accept credit card payments for the reservations.

In order to accept payments through your WorldPay Online account, you need to select the value WorldPay Online in the Payment processing site option on the site settings page. In the next field, you need to enter your Client Key followed by a slash and Service Key. Please note that test and live API keys are different for your WorldPay Online account. For example:

T_C_3b3ad043-4a3..../T_S_f1fb1536-343... - test keys.
C_3b3ad043-4a3..../S_f1fb1536-343... - live keys.

If you want your customers to use 3D Secure authentication in transactions, add another slash and the word 3DS. Note that not all card issuers support 3D Security.


You can find Client and Service Keys in your WorldPay Online backend. Click Settings in the top panel and then API Keys. Note that each time you re-generate the keys, you need to enter the new values in planyo to make sure valid credentials are always used.

Additionally, you will need to set up the Webhook url. In settings, click Webhook. Then, click Add Webhook and in the pop-up that opens enter https://www.planyo.com/payment-worldpay-online-ipn.php. This way, when a status of a transaction changes planyo will be notified about this and information about the reservation payment will be updated in our database.

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