FAQ Q309: Can planyo register the check-in and check-out time (if the rental actually took place)?

Yes, Planyo has a number of features which let you register customer's arrival and departure. You need to start by adding the check-in/check-out capability to your Planyo site in Site settings / Active features. The extra option you'll see in the checkin/checkout section, called Automatically shorten reservation duration if customer checks out before rental end time, will adjust the reservation's time to the real rental time when the check-out event is triggered by an administrator. This feature is very useful e.g. for conference rooms so that other customers can make reservations following a meeting which took less time than expected.

The check-in event is registered as an event with a precise time information and the source: check-in can be registered by an administrator in the backend (or by using the Planyo mobile app) or you can allow your customers to do self check-in by using a check-in widget (on the page Integrate with my website). The check-in event changes the reservation's status to checked-in (this can be useful for your reports or to automatically change the reservation color) and triggers the check-in event so you can send out email/sms notifications or webhooks.

You can also automatically cancel reservations for which the check-in event did NOT happen within specified time (e.g. X minutes before or after the start time). This is a great way to automatically handle no-shows but you need to make sure the check-in event gets registered. If a vast majority of your customers arrives and you don't want to manually mark these reservations as checked-in, you can alternatively use the no-show status, for the people who didn't show up. This status can be also used as a filter in all reports/reservation search and you can configure notifications.
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