FAQ Q326: How do waiting lists work in Planyo?

Waiting list in short

Planyo allows you to add support for wait lists on the resource level. This means that you can use the wait list for any selected resource (or you could even have 2 versions of a resource, one with and one without the wait-list capability, using packages). When switched on and in case there's no more availability for given time slot, the customer's reservation can be added to a waiting list. This triggers possible emails which can be sent to the customer and/or the administrators (as always, this is a template which you can fully customize). In case the time slot with at least one reservation in the waiting list gets freed, an email is sent to the administrator and a special placeholder vacation is added to ensure that other customers cannot reserve the freed slot. The administrator then goes to the Waiting list vacation placeholders page where for each waiting list they can manually upgrade one waitlist reservation request to a valid reservation. Currently automatic promotions are not supported. The manual process can involve manually contacting the customer and/or requesting an online payment etc. Once a reservation request is upgraded to a valid reservation, the placeholder vacation is deleted automatically. Below are step-by-step instructions for the configuration and operation of the wait-lists.

Note: if your site uses the shopping cart feature, the waiting list will change the way this feature works: if normal reservations are mixed with one or more waiting list requests, planyo will move all the waiting list requests into separate shopping carts at the checkout time so that regular checkout processes such as online payment etc. can be carried out normally. If at a later time a waiting list request is upgraded to a valid reservation, you can move both reservations into the same shopping cart again.


In Resource Settings / Reservation Process select the check-box Enable waiting list. This will add the waiting list feature to the resource.

Now go to Site Settings / Notifications and configure the email notification sent to the customer (and/or the administrators) for the event Added to waiting list. Note that you will NOT see this event listed if none of your resources have the waiting list enabled. In the notification sent to the customer you may want to include a link so they can cancel their waiting list entry (use the tag $(cancel_url) for this).

Operation / the process the waiting list reservations go through

The process starts on the reservation form where the customer sees the availability information in the 'Your rate' box along with the price.

Note: if you want your search results to include resources which are not available for the selected dates, in the search results template you can use the tag $(list_unavailable_resources) which will also list unavailable resources. You can modify your search results template to inform the customer of the possibility of being added to the waiting list already at this step.

If the dates/times selected by the customer for the resource on the reservation form are not available, the customer will see the error message in the rate box and underneath this message they'll see the Add me to the waiting list link. Once clicked, the reservation form will be expanded to show a new item also called Add me to the waiting list. It will be highlighted and selected by default. The selection is meant as an acceptance of the fact that the reservation request will not be valid and can only be potentially upgraded to a valid reservation.

Once the reservation is created, the customer will see their status as added to the waiting list. They will also receive your email with more information about their status. The waiting list reservation does get a unique reservation ID at this time.

You'll be able to see the reservations on the waiting list in Reservations / Waiting List as well as in the reports, reservation search etc. You can also add the waiting list section to your dashboard.

If, at a later time, the time slot requested by one of the reservations in the waitlist is freed (by a cancelled or modified reservation or by a removed vacation), planyo takes the following actions:
The main resolution page lists all periods (placeholder vacations created previously) for which waiting list reservations can be upgraded. Once you can click on a specific placeholder period, you will see the detailed list of the waiting list reservations along with the information saying whether given reservation request can or cannot be upgraded to a valid reservation. The reservations are sorted by the creation date so the first reservation in the list should get the priority although you're free to handle the resolution/promotion any way you like. Here are some frequent variants:
The Upgrade button found next to the reservations eligible for promotion in the list on the resolution page can be also found on the reservation details page for given waiting list reservation. Clicking this button in any of the two locations has the same consequences.

Once the selected waiting list reservation request is upgraded to a valid reservation, Planyo takes the following actions:
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