FAQ Q328: I can't find my business type in your demos. Will Planyo still work for me?

The demos on the learn more page are just meant to showcase selected use-cases for Planyo. Likewise, when you create a new site, you're presented with a list of categories. Both these lists represent only a fraction of actual business types for which Planyo can be used successfully (If your business type doesn't match exactly one of the categories, simply choose custom).

From the very beginning one of the main ideas behind Planyo has been to not limit it to specific verticals but make it so flexible and configurable that it can work for any business taking online bookings, including very unusual use cases. Planyo will work well for all of the following scenarios:

The reservation process can be fully customized and can include steps such as: filling out of custom questions on the reservation form, addition of extra products, manual confirmation by the administrators, email address verification, shopping cart functionality, additional products, online payment, addition to a waiting list, check-in and check-out events.

Planyo works with 30+ languages. The standard texts used in the reservation process are already translated but you'll need to translate your own content to the desired languages and you can customize all existing texts.

Pricing is not limited to simple per-person, per-hour or per-day rates but is rather defined in Pricing Manager as a listing of over 60 different rules which can determine both the price and availability. Any number of rules can be entered and can be combined into advanced conditions such as: increase the price by 20% if the number of persons is less than X and if the duration is less than X hours. Other pricing mechanisms are also available, such as CSV-based pricing or a custom pricing script residing on your server and called by Planyo each time the price must be calculated.
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