FAQ Q330: Which template is used to display reservation details and the payment button once the reservation has been made?

There are a few default templates which show the reservation details and optionally the payment button once the reservation has been entered. Of course all these templates can be modified by you but in order to do this it's good to understand which template is actually being used.

Your reservation process determines which template is shown. Please note that in addition to the templates shown below, the email verification template will be displayed whenever the email verification is necessary as defined in your resource settings. In such case once the email has been successfully verified, the reservation completed template is always displayed.

Shopping cart is used

If you’re using the shopping cart and the customer has clicked on the checkout button, the checkout template will be displayed if payment is obligatory for at least one reservation in the cart or if email verification is necessary for at least one reservation in the cart. Otherwise, the reservation completed template is displayed.

No shopping cart

If the payment is obligatory and the amount to be paid is greater than zero, the reservation payment template will be displayed. In all other cases the reservation completed template is displayed (also when the payment is optional).

The reservation details template is shown in all cases outside of the original reservation process, e.g. when a customer clicks on the reservation details link in an email or after they modify the reservation, or when they click on a reservation in the listing of their existing reservations.

Note that Planyo usually loads new pages dynamically without reloading the entire page for better experience. Clicking the browser's back button (e.g. after redirection to the payment gateway) will often result in the reservation details page being displayed regardless of which of the above templates were originally displayed.
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