FAQ Q335: Can I set up automatic refunds of reservation payments as coupons when the reservation is being cancelled?

Note: refunds as coupon are not supported if you use the Shopping cart mode in your Planyo site.
This feature allows you to automatically refund payments made for a cancelled reservation as a coupon. The client can use the coupon for future bookings.
You can turn this on on the Active features page. In Refund reservation payments as coupon you can select for which type of cancellations the refund as coupon will be made:
Optionally, you can limit the validation period of the coupon by entering the number of days in next field.
You can also set up a cancellation fee that will be deducted from the refunded amount. You can express it as a fixed amount (e.g. 10) or a percent of online payments made for the reservation (e.g. 5%).
Note that the reservation payments are not removed or cancelled. They remain listed on the reservation details page.
The coupon that will be created will follow the rules:
When sending one of the Reservation cancelled notification messages, you can use the $(refund_as_coupon_amount) tag to show any extra information about the coupon. Testing the tag allows you to tell if there was any refund as coupon made for the reservation. In such a case, you can instruct the client how they can use the coupon.
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