FAQ Q340: Can an email or sms notification be sent to an external supplier only when a specific product or resource is reserved?

Yes, you can trigger an extra notification to be sent to any recipient based on a custom condition, such as a specific additional product being chosen or only for specific resources. This is useful if your external suppliers must be also informed of new reservations that use their products/services. The simplest way to accomplish this is by adding the BCC field to an existing notification, such as new reservation entered or reservation confirmed. Click here to set up the notifications, then click edit next to the chosen notification in the site admin column.

Now in the Optional BCC column you can add a conditional tag which prints the external email address if the condition is met. For example, if the condition is the presence of a particular product, enter: $(if) $(prod_qty_123) greater than 0 $(then) external@email.address $(endif)
The $(prod_qty_...) tag (explained in Q204) will print the quantity chosen for product with the specified ID (e.g. 123 in the example above). You can check the product IDs on the additional products page. Similarly you can trigger the BCC notification based on a checkbox form item: $(if) $(prop_abc) equals Yes $(then) external@email.address $(endif). You can also trigger the BCC notification to be sent for specific resources: $(if) 123,456,789 contains $(resource_id) $(then) external@email.address $(endif). Here 123, 456 and 789 represent 3 different resource IDs for which the BCC field should be used. See Q207 to read more about conditional tags. Of course as an alternative to the above solution, you can always click the Add resource-specific message at the bottom of the 'edit message' page in order to add a separate notification sent only for a specific resource ID, and simply enter a fixed BCC address without any condition.

Note that if you need a completely different content in the email (e.g. if you don't want to print all the personal details of the customer), then instead of reusing a standard notification the main admin receives, you can also add a new before or after event. Set it to be triggered e.g. at the time the reservation was entered.
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