FAQ Q343: How can I change the calendar preview shown on the reservation page?

The calendar preview shown by default depends on your resource's time-related settings, it's also possible a completely different calendar preview will be shown, e.g. for day-based and hour-based resources.

The calendar preview can be completely removed or modified in the Reservation form template. Usually it's a tag like $(flexible_calendar?resource_id=$(resource_id)) or $(default_calendar) but you can customize the calendar preview style or even display different styles for different resources if the default doesn't work well for you. You'll simply need to replace this tag with a different version. You can see these tags in Q205 and the parameters in Q173 but it's much more convenient to define the calendar style and options using the UI.

To get the tag for the desired calendar look, go to Integration with my website / Calendar preview, then change the Resource option to any of your resources. Now go through the different types and options (you'll always see the preview at the bottom of the page) and once you are satisfied with the calendar preview look, find the box titled Tag for this calendar preview - can be used in your Planyo templates and simply copy the entire tag and then paste it into the reservation form template. You'll see that the tag includes the $(resource_id) tag which will be always replaced with the specific resource being reserved.

One other thing you may want to consider is to have a different tag depending on the specific resource being reserved. This is possible, simply use conditional tags, such as:

$(if) $(resource_id) equals XXX $(then)
--tag for resource with the ID XXX--
$(if) $(resource_id) equals YYY $(then)
--tag for resource with the ID YYY--

If you have a large number of resources, your conditional tags can depend on a custom resource property to avoid a large number of conditions.
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