FAQ Q344: How can I cancel an iCal feed I gave away to another person?

iCal feed URLs can be permanent or temporary. If you give away an iCal feed URL to another person (e.g. an employee or a partner), it's possible that some point in the future you'll want to revoke this access to personal information in form of the iCal feed, e.g. when an employee or a partner no longer works with you. This could be very important for security or privacy reasons.

In order to create a temporary iCal feed URL (here), you'll need to specify a personal ID. A personal ID is any alpha-numeric text (allowed characters, other than letters and numbers, are: @, +, -, _ so you can use an email address as an ID for example). Generating an iCal feed URL with a personal ID automatically adds this ID to the listing of valid personal IDs. This listing can be consulted by going to this page. Note that only up to 50 personal IDs can be created so you'll need to remove the unused ones if you want to add more.

When you wish to revoke access to an iCal feed to a person, you'll simply need to remember the personal ID given to them (or you can find it in the generated iCal feed URL in the parameter called pid). Then simply delete the personal ID here. Doing this will make the personal ID invalid. If you delete an ID by mistake, simply create another iCal feed with the same personal ID and once again all the iCal feed URLs using this personal ID will be come valid.

If you give away an iCal feed URL without a personal ID, then there is no way to make it invalid.
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