FAQ Q350: My customers must sign a contract. Can Planyo send a document signing request for new reservations?

There is no direct integration with the document signing services such as DokuSign but you can easily accomplish this using our Zapier integration (or alternatively use Planyo's integration with Make which works very similarly to the Zapier one). The Planyo-Zapier integration allows you to create an automation which will send a document signing request to the customer as well as pre-populate the contract (or other documents requiring e-signature) with the reservation data such as the arrival and departure dates, customer's name, email address or other personal information or data from any of the other fields on the reservation form.

Check out the following video for step-by-step instructions of how to configure this:

Note that if you wish to use any other e-signing service, you can use the exact same approach as virtually all of these services allow you to create templates and have a zapier integration similar to the DocuSign integration presented in the video.
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