FAQ Q354: What cookies does Planyo store (cookie policy)?

Planyo uses cookies exclusively in order to ensure the required functionality is possible. We don't share the cookies with third parties (see exceptions below needed for the basic functionality of planyo) and we don't use cookies for marketing purposes or any type of behavior tracking. Please see below for a detailed listing of all cookies which Planyo can potentially use.

Third-party cookies

The only third party cookies are used in the backend and in case of simple integration (reservation process on planyo.com). These cookies are required for the functionality of our hosting/infrastructure partners Amazon AWS and Imperva (cyber security). These cookies will have the following prefixes:


The frontend cookies are cookies created in the domain name where the planyo is integrated. For advanced integration this will be your domain name while for simple integration it will be planyo.com.


The backend cookies will be only used for administrators/moderators who have logged into Planyo (meaning that if you test one of the demos of the Planyo backend, these cookies may also be set). The backend cookies will not be stored for visitors of websites that use Planyo as their reservation system.
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