FAQ Q122: What is the difference between a moderator, site admin and resource admin?

The main site admin can specify (in Settings / Moderators) any number of additional moderators who will have access to the planyo site and all its resources. The privileges of moderators can be set in Settings / Restrict access of administrative roles. By doing this the administrator can control the exact functionality the moderators will have access to. By default moderators have full access to given site, except for special functions such as site deletion or assigning of administrative roles to new users.

Out of all the moderators you can also choose the main moderator who can optionally receive any of the defined email / sms notifications. If you want other moderators to receive notifications as well, you can set the BCC field in any customized notification.

Additionally, you can assign an admin to each of your resources. The resource admin also has the administrative privileges (like site admin or moderators) but limited only to a single resource (or all the resources they are the resource admin of). The resource admin will also be able to receive notifications unless you decide otherwise. Note that even though you can only assign one resource admin to any resource, you can work around this if you need multiple users to be able to administer a resource by setting the extra users as moderators and limiting their access to a single resource.

Please see this FAQ question to find out how to limit access of resource admins and moderators to specific administrative pages. This tutorial describes in detail all aspects of administration by multiple users.
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