FAQ Q138: My pricing is complex. Will planyo work with discounts or seasonal pricing?

Yes, planyo's Pricing Manager allows setting discounts based on a number of conditions as well as separate pricing for different seasons, weekdays etc.

If you want to use seasonal pricing, you should first define your resource's (or site-wide) season dates in seasonal settings. Then you can simply add Pricing Manager rules based on the season in order to apply the different prices.

You can find out more about Pricing Manager in the FAQ question Q181. You'll find the pricing manager sufficient for most needs. In case you need very complex pricing calculation (e.g. based on previous rentals in given month), you'll need to set-up a pricing script (more in Q137).

In case you want to use individual discounts in form of coupons (valid for specific customers or based on a code) or vouchers (based on a voucher code), see Q244 for coupons and Q190 for vouchers.
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