FAQ Q151: How can I cancel my Planyo account?

If you administer a Planyo site, you'll need to delete your site before deleting your planyo account. Go to site settings and click on the link 'Delete this site'. In case of multiple sites you'll need to do this for every planyo site you created. Please note that the remaining balance is non-refundable but can be transferred to a different planyo site upon request.

When you no longer administer any planyo sites, in order to delete your account, go to My Account and click on the Delete my account button. This will delete your user account from the planyo database.

Please note that as per our refund policy, we don't refund the remaining credits on your account. We can transfer them to another planyo site or you can decide to not cancel the account (the credits don't expire).

If you don't have a Planyo account (with a login/password), see Q310 for information about having your personal information removed from our databases.
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