FAQ Q173: I need to have more control over the calendar preview.

You can get the HTML code for the calendar preview (to be embedded on your website) in integrate with my site / widgets / calendar preview. Almost all the options can be set using this builder.

Only if the standard options are not sufficient, please continue reading this document to find out all the options you can use by changing the URL parameters of the calendar's IFRAME or you can also simply change the global defaults for all calendar previews used for your planyo site in Settings / CSS style editor. Here are the parameters that can be added or changed:

If you wish to customize the calendar preview displayed not as a separate widget but as a part of a template (e.g. in the reservation form or resource detail views), you can use the customizable tag $(calendar_preview_with_params?xxxx) where xxxx is a list of parameters above. If you'd like, in Integrate with my website / widgets / calendar preview you can use the calendar builder UI in order to get the exact value of the tag corresponding with the calendar type and settings chosen. Please note that in such case you may also need to control the calendar preview width and height and so you can use parameters fixed_width and fixed_height if the defaults don't work well for you.

Example: in the reservation form you want to display the 3-month multi-month calendar preview for the current resource only. Simply use a tag like:
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