FAQ Q185: Can I allow my clients to arrive / leave only on specific dates or week days?

By default arrivals and departures are possible on all week days and dates, except in case of an event-type resource where you specify a listing of dates (or dates and hours) when your events can take place. You can however use the methods described below to limit arrivals/departures based on the week day or full date.

Arrivals / departures not allowed on specific week days

You can configure this in Seasonal settings. If you don't use seasons, you can simply add a single season (Jan 1 - Dec 31). Otherwise you can use different arrival/departure weekdays for different seasons. See Q186 for more info about seasonal settings.

Arrivals / departures not allowed on specific dates

Go to the Restricted arrival/departure dates page. Here you'll see a calendar view where for any date you can prevent arrivals or departures either for the whole site or for a specific resource. The scope is defined by the resource selector at the top of the page. By default you work with the scope of the entire site. Note that if you work with the context/scope of a single resource, you will also see the restrictions applied in the context of the entire site as well as the restrictions defined for specific weekdays in seasonal settings (as explained above). These restrictions will be read-only on this page.

This page also allows you to export and import restrictions from a csv file. This is useful if you have a subset of resources which should have the same restrictions applied. In such case you should set the restrictions in one of these resources, then export them to a .csv and re-import for every other resource in the subset (remember to first clear all restrictions from the resource you're importing into if you want to wipe out the existing restrictions first). Note that the csv file doesn't include information about the resources, only dates and restrictions so you can export/import from any context without issues.

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