FAQ Q191: How do I use advanced conditions in Pricing Manager?

First of all, please see Q181 if you'd like to find out how Pricing Manager works.

Advanced conditions allow for the final price to depend on multiple conditions. For example, let's say you have seasonal pricing (high/low) and you want to add an extra price for each additional person (above 2) but this price needs to depend on the season (bigger increase in high season). To accomplish this, you'd first enter the rules that define the season and then the rules that define how the price changes with the number of extra persons:

RuleApt AAdvanced conditionComment
1. Default price100 USD per dayHigh season is the default
2. Start date: January 1-May 1USD 80 per dayFirst period of the low season
3. Start date: August 1-December 31USD 80 per daySecond period of the low season
4. Additional persons present (>2)+25 USD per day & personApply this rule only if ANY of the following rules were applied: 2, 3This is the extra person price for the low season, so we want to apply the price if conditions in one of the low-season rules were matching
5. Additional persons present (>2)+35 USD per day & personApply this rule only if NONE of the following rules were applied: 2, 3Extra persons price in high season (meaning conditions for neither rule 2 nor 3 can be matching)

As you can see by specifying multiple rules (separated by commas) in the advanced condition you can formulate even very complex pricing rules.

There's another advanced condition type Apply this rule only for the times for which the following rules were applied. With most rules this will work like the ...if ALL of the following rules... condition. The difference is in the rules which can be applied selectively only to certain days (or hours) of the rental (such as the weekday, date, hour, season rules). Here the rule will be applied only to the time units (days or hours) which are matched by both rules. For example, in a typical scenario, the first rule might be a weekday rule saying: monday through friday, and the second rule with the advanced condition could be a reservation-form item rule (e.g. number of children). Thanks to such setup, you can set a price for all children ONLY for the weekdays (e.g. on weekends children could have a free entry). The weekend days could then use another, similar rule.

Besides the apply if advanced condition, you can also use another one, which checks if the current rule increased or decreased the total price. It's possible to add an advanced condition which only applies the price modification if the current rule increases or decreases the total price. This advanced condition is independent of the previous one, so you can use either one, or both of them at the same time.
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