FAQ Q223: What's the meaning of colors assigned to reservations?

The administrator/moderators can assign of of the available colors to each reservation. There is no special meaning of this from the system's perspective but you can give the colors the meaning understood by the moderators, e.g. red could mean some reservation details are still missing and must be sent by the customer etc.

In Site Settings / Color labels (click here to access this page) you can add labels to the colors so that all moderators will be able to hover over the color square to see the meaning.

Colors can be assigned to reservations manually by the admins or also can be assigned automatically. The color manager is where you can configure rules which determine how and when the colors get assigned automatically. First you define the event which should trigger the color change and then you specify a number of conditions. If all conditions are met, the color is assigned. You can even specify a template code which can use very advanced logic based on any data connected to the reservation which can be also one of the required conditions.