FAQ Q267: How can I add tracking code/pixel (or other third party widgets) to my booking process?

The templates in advanced integration (Site settings / Templates) can include custom HTML code, including javascript (script tags). If you want to add a tracking pixel or any 3rd party widget, you will normally be presented with HTML code to be pasted on your success page. In case of planyo, normally this is the Reservation completed template. You can also track other events, such as completing the reservation but not completing the payment (in case case use the Reservation payment template).

Please note that when pasting custom HTML code you should always use the HTML code editor and not the default WYSIWYG editor. In each template page, you will see a button (at the bottom of the template page) to switch between the two editors.

Please note that we have special support for Google Analytics 4 (GTM) and Google Tag Manager
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