FAQ Q334: Can planyo automatically generate PDF documents based on the reservation data?

Yes, go to Site settings / Templates and there you'll find a section called Reservation documents. This is where you can design your own documents such as an agreement, arrival instructions etc. These documents will be generated based on data from your reservations. See Q204, Q205, Q206, Q221 for the description of all tags which will be replaced with specific data from your reservation, such as reservation id, customer's name, arrival date and time, reserved resource, data from your planyo site or universal tags.

Once you design your document, you will be able to generate / send it manually to your customers or you can attach the document to any of your email notifications, such as the reservation confirmed notification by editing a specific notification here. The document will be generated as a printable PDF.

Please see Q350 if you need to automatically generate a document signing request for documents which are to be signed electronically by your customers.
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