FAQ Q339: How can I use additional products with the 'quick add to cart' shopping cart?

Quick add to cart will by default not show additional product choice to the customer. You can, however, modify your templates in order to allow this. The best place to do this would be the shopping cart contents template where for each item in the shopping cart you can add a button that lets the customer add products to given reservation. This can be done before the final checkout (and payment).

To get started, go to the shopping cart template and scroll down to the inner template which represents the code printed for each cart item.

Inside the template place a link/button with the href (link) set to the $(additional_products_url) tag which will take the customer to the products selection. Once the selection is done, the customer will return to the shopping cart where they'll be able to choose products for other cart items or check-out.

See Q204 for the description of this tag and other tags which can be useful in this template, e.g. a link that allows the customer to modify their reservations in the cart.
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